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Since 1996


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About Us

Toronto Interiors Inc. was founded by Patricia Taylor in 1996.  Prior to that, Taylor practiced law in Toronto for several years. During that time, she never lost her love design, art and decor.  She took several design courses at Ryerson University and received a Certificate of Interior Design upon completion.  Twenty-five years ago she changed careers and has never looked back.  "Actually, my legal background has been very useful when dealing with contracts and contractors."

"I like to mix styles for a custom, more individual look."

Clients are invited to get as involved or uninvolved as they wish during the process.  "At times I provide no more than a few hours of consulting.  At other times, I oversee the entire project from start to finish.  I listen to my clients' views.  Above all it should be a collaborative, enjoyable and comfortable experience for everyone."

Taylor works with a team of professional engineers, architects, trades and craftsmen who take pride in their work.

My Art Page

Several years ago I returned to painting which I had left for many years.  As a contemporary artist, I find the world has become chaotic and sometimes difficult to navigate.  My landscapes offer a respite from that world.  As in my decorating style, I like simplicity and as a result my landscapes can be quite minimalist.  I also enjoy doing portraits and figurative work. Commissions are accepted. 

​For a high definition photo of any work, please email me.


CV:   Juried Shows:

2020: Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (TOAF)

         Riverdale Artwalk

         Landscape Artist of the Year Canada (contestant)

​         Vital Signs - Leslie Grove Gallery, Toronto

         Art Gallery of Hamilton Show and Sale: April

2019:  Riverdale Artwalk

         Toronto Outdoor Art Fair

2018:  Autumn Show and Sale - McMichael Gallery

         Rosedale Art Fair                           

         Art Gallery of Hamilton Show and Sale

         Society of Canadian Artists online exhibit